About Us

Cultivar Executive Search is a boutique talent acquisition firm, focusing on executive search for mid-to-senior executives, including C-suites, in Singapore and APAC region. Situated in Singapore, Cultivar taps on the country’s thriving key industries and robust infrastructure to achieve a stable and strong regional talent pool.

Our teams in both Singapore and Kuala Lumpur offices consist of several experienced personnel within their respective specialist functions, such as in HR, IT, Sales, Manufacturing, Engineering and Logistics. Combing our experiences, our clients get to receive unparalleled experience and intended outcome from us.

Our core belief is that businesses will prosper and grow only with the right people. The right people also means someone with the right value system and personality to complement good cultures, apart from just the experience and skillset.

Due in part to our beliefs, our main objective is to assist companies to differentiate themselves from their competitors through long-term engagement with the right talent – where the best and top talent isn’t necessarily the right ones for your company. Our robust screening methodology, combining various tools and assessments, helps companies identify the right fit for every job.

Apart from our core function of talent acquisition, we also assist companies, especially startups and fast-growing Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs), support by providing outsourced HR support such as Payroll, Work Pass consultancy, Employee Engagement, Onboarding support, Exit Interview and more. Such services have provided our clients with newfound opportunity to focus on what’s more at stake – keeping customers happy and churning more revenue.

For our society, we actively take care of members of the less fortunate in our society, by having in place a strong Corporate Social Responsibility program that ensures this segment of our society does not go forgotten. We work with several non-profit organizations and provide career guidance and job placement opportunity to their members with mild disability, so that they find lights in their lives by being able to support themselves and their families. Such placement is provided pro-bono to our client companies, to create a win-win situation for everyone.

With a holistic expertise, knowledge and resources and keen interest to serve, we welcome companies to work with us on various engagement levels, to see your business outgrow your competition by first taking care of the brains of your business – your people.

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Zac Ng
Principal Consultant
Cultivar Executive Search

About Us

Cultivar Asia Consulting is a regional executive search and career-matching firm founded and headquartered in Singapore.

Our core belief is that businesses will prosper and grow only with the right people. We use a balanced approach combining both human-touch and advanced technology in our business processes to ensure that every candidate profiled to our clients is of highest fit, made possible by effective assessment tools.

We are particularly passionate about empowering youths across the society by matching them with high-performing careers in companies with similar aspirations, to realise their fullest potential.

Cultivar Asia is the brainchild of our founder Mr Zac Ng, a seasoned recruiter for various specializations and functions cross industries in Singapore and Malaysia for the last decade. Being an advocate for his belief – right talent for the right job, instead of ‘best’ talent for the best job, the company places heavy emphasis on non-elitist approach to discover and understand the potential gaps in each unique candidate. Our recruiters are trained to identify a candidate’s character and personality during pre-screening to ensure that not just the skillsets are questioned, but also the personality in them that must go in line with the existing company culture.

As of July 2019, the company has developed business activities and revenue in various markets, such as Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Cambodia, and Hong Kong, out of its Singapore office at Shenton Way. Being an Asia-focused recruiter, the company is also on a constant lookout for Asian recruitment firms sharing similar values to work hand-in-hand throughout Asia.

Our Vision

Connecting People, Impacting Lives.

Our Mission

We pursue innovation through
genuine connection that creates unique value, driven by trust and respect.

Core Values


Focused on delivering the best and ensure the
success of our customers comes before ours.


We appreciate and demonstrate high regards for all stakeholders, including clients, job seekers, internal colleagues and local regulations.


Be self-accountable in upholding honesty and strong moral principles.


Physical strength and good health, full of energy and enthusiasm


proactively make genuine connection and follow up whenever needed


Meet Our Team

Kervin Lee

Country Manager, Malaysia

Kervin Lee is our Country Manager for Malaysia, responsible in acquisition and servicing of clients based in Klang Valley and Penang. Kervin is a seasoned business owner with experience in leading a workforce of over a hundred, and has strong business acumen, network, wealth of knowledge in managing and acquiring human resources. Based in Kuala […]

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Zac Ng

Business Growth Expert

Recruiters bring wealth of industry knowledge and wisdom gained through years of experience to assist your business in a precise and measured manner. Our team comprises of business owners, HR management consultant, specialist and professionals. Zac Ng is our Regional Principal Consultant at Cultivar, providing corporate talent acquisition and various HR-related services, with focus in […]

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