Article: What Great Managers Avoid Doing

Feb 21, 2023Articles

Management is no easy task; it is an art that takes years to master. No matter how great, every manager experiences challenges that make them question their skills. Excellent managers come in all forms, and their management style can be as unique as their personalities.

A great manager avoids playing favorites. It is no secret that some employees are more likable and easier to work with as compared to others. It is only human nature to enjoy working with those people who have a great attitude towards their job; their charm and charisma may not be shared by those equally talented.

Great managers are not intoxicated by power. The best managers understand that positional power is an opportunity and use it wisely. Sometimes a little power goes a long way, and it becomes effortless to abuse it. Everyone in the team is trying to impress the manager by doing their best and putting their best foot forward. This may get tempting to some, but great managers avoid taking advantage of their team.

A great manager is secure and does not feel threatened by the abilities of their employees. All managers want to build a team of the best talent who they can develop with time to fit their organizational goals. Management is about accomplishing things through others and what better way to do this than with the most qualified team the organization can produce. By training and improving your team’s skills with your knowledge, one can delegate more work and get most of the tasks done on time.

A lot of management involves addressing and resolving conflicts in the workplace. A great manager avoids conflict and addresses everything diplomatically and successfully. This is the very foundation of managerial skill.

Lastly, great managers avoid making emotional and impulsive decisions. They are rational before arriving at any decision regarding the organization. They do not take out their frustrations on the team.