In The News – The Strait Times (25 May 2020)

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Cultivar Consulting’s Managing Director Zac Ng was surveyed by The Straits Times regarding his view on the ‘new normal’ post-Circuit Breaker period in terms of work arrangements.

Meanwhile, recruiting agency Cultivar Consulting will be downsizing its operations to an industrial estate unit in Pandan Loop in July, after its Shenton Way co-working lease ends, to lower costs.

Managing director Zac Ng said that its commission-based staff will be working from home, while he and administrative staff are likely to be based at the office.

“As long as we have a place to work, the location does not matter as much, as our clients do not usually visit the office,” he said.

Adapted from: The Straits Times
Title: Coronavirus pandemic: 9 in 10 here want to continue working from home: Survey
Date of Article: 25 May 2020