Don’t Get Response After Interviews? Things You Should Know!

Nov 7, 2023Career Advice

“I have attended many interviews and no good news so far. Is there anything wrong with me?”

Getting an invitation to an interview is the first step in getting through the door. Some will rejoice for a moment, but only to find out that there’s no more follow ups after a certain amount of time. For the not-so-desperate ones, they move on to the next interview. Otherwise, some feel dejected and frustrated.

Why Rejections?

Sometimes, it’s not personal at all. Employers might have their own diplomatic reasons, such as your skills don’t align with the job requirements or you might not seem to fit into their company culture.

Now, let’s reflect on your interview experiences:

Evaluate Your Interview Approach: How did you handle the past interviews?

Were you too cautious or missing chances to highlight your strengths? Or maybe too assertive, overshadowing your qualifications? Then you should adjust your approach.

Learn from Feedback: If you’ve received feedback from interviewers, use it as a guide for improvement. If not, self-reflection can help. Analyze your past interviews to pinpoint areas for enhancement.

Stay Resilient: Rejections can be disheartening but treat them as opportunities to grow. Instead of dwelling on the setbacks, focus on developing your skills, seek advice and prepare thoroughly for future interviews.

Remember that each rejection is an opportunity to reassess yourself and do something different next time. Don’t give up! You’ll find the right opportunity.