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The Recruitment Industry Story

John is an executive recruiter of 15 years. Coupled with his regional exposure in Asia Pacific markets, he has built up a network of both candidates and employers. Just like finding a needle in a haystack, John’s key responsibility is to connect a candidate with an employer, and vice-versa. Job advertisements often attracts everyone else except the targeted ones, and calling off the phone book is so yesterday and not to mention its legality. Despite the complexity, he is always able to quickly fill up a position in a matter of weeks, or sometimes days.

So how did he do it? 

Sometimes, or rather very often, an experienced recruiter gives you unexpected and exclusive access to job opportunity not found anywhere else – all thanks to his network built over time. The network, consisting of employers and candidate-turned-employers, engages him to work on job vacancies by promising an exclusive period – no direct advertising or working with other agents, in exchange for speed in getting them filled. So to fulfill it quickly, the recruiter would introduce this opportunity to part of this network suitable for the position.

So if you happen to be already a candidate our network, you’re in luck! If you haven’t, the next best time is now. Oh, before we forget, you can refer a friend to us too – because we know good people knows lots of good people! 

Trust us like how 130,000 other passive job seekers do!


At Cultivar Asia, our core belief is that businesses will prosper and grow only with the right people. We use a balanced approach combining both human-touch and advanced technology in our business processes to ensure that every candidate profiled to our clients is of highest fit, made possible by several assessment tools.

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