HR Programs

HR Programs for any Organizations. 

Team-building | Employee Engagement | Lunchtime Topical Talks | On-site Vendor Roadshow


Compensation & Benefit
Discuss with us what benefits and compensation you’d like to provide to your employees and we will give the best suggestion that benefits both your employees and your company.

Performance Management and Goal Setting
Design a plan to measure the performance of your employees and how to set goals for them to achieve their targets to improve on their skill sets.

HR Programs

Team Building Solution

The Lost Temple, Mobile Adventure Challenge, Dragon Boating at MacRitchie Reservoir. We provide team-building solutions to companies with the aim of:
  • Promoting staff engagement
  • Achieve conflict resolutions
  • Provide an ideal  and conducive opportunity for junior and senior staff to bond and improve relationship
  • Inculcating innovation and teamwork in the company

Our trainers are local seasoned team-building experts with a combined experience of over 2 decades. Be rest assured that our full program is conducted from start to end, with the above aims fully in mind throughout.

Engage & Grow™ – Transform your employees into a Highly Engaged ones! 

Our trainers, headed by Engage & Grow master franchisee, Felicia, leads the Singapore market in transforming Disengaged employees into Highly Engaged ones. Through an interactive classroom setting over 12 sessions, our program will ensure the following:

  • 22% higher profitability
  • 21% higher productivity
  • 10% higher customer engagement
  • Up to 65% lower staff turnover
  • 37% lower absenteeism

*Figures on average among E&G participants.

Engage & Grow will refocus, re-engage and re-energise the most important asset to your business – your people.

HR Events

Cultivar Asia has a list of top vendor-partners we’ve been working with to provide our client organizations improved Employer Branding, workforce productivity and general well-being.

Our select list of vendor-partners include:

  • Ice-cream and waffles by Singapore local brand
  • Soilless office desk plants by leading Japanese brand
  • Flora bouquet and gifts by local florist operator
  • Terrarium stall/DIY workshop by local green entrepreneur
  • and more!

All vendors can be pre-selected to suit your company’s objective and event theme.

Any question? Contact us here and we’ll respond to you within 1 business day!