The Power of Storytelling In Talent Attraction

Dec 20, 2023Employee Management, Hiring tips

In the competitive world of finding the right people, storytelling about your brand or company is a good potent to draw in top talents. The story may cover things like values, vision, showcasing employee experience, etc. 

Here are some tips to create a story that connects with potential hires:

Speak Their Language:

Get to know your candidates well. Tell a story that resonates with what they seek in a job. For example, if you’re looking for tech enthusiasts, you should share content about cutting-edge technologies.

Share Your Mission:

Highlight your company’s purpose and positive impact. Explain how candidates’ contributions align with this purpose.

Describe Your Work Family:

Illustrate a collaborative workspace. Describe your culture, values, work environment and chances to learn and grow.

Show Real Success:

Tell stories of actual employees who’ve grown in the company. Explain how their work made a difference, showcasing potential opportunities for candidates.

Tell Your Story Online:

Make sure your company story is easy to find on your website. Avoid using big, fancy words. Tell your company’s story like you would to a friend.

Talk About Your Team on the Careers Page:

Go beyond just listing job openings. Show what it’s like to work at your company with pictures and stories. Be transparent about aspects like pay, benefits, and perks.

Share Bits of Your Story on Social Media:

Use platforms like Instagram and LinkedIn to share everyday moments at your company. Let people see the genuine side of your workplace.

Let Your Employees Speak:

Ask your team to share their experiences on social media such as their LinkedIn or Facebook channel. Share short interviews where they talk about why they like working at your company. Let your leaders praise their teams on social media.

With the right and genuine stories, companies can effectively stand out and attract great people to your team.