Essential Exit Interview Questions

Feb 21, 2023Hiring tips, Interview Tips

From time to time, employees leave. It is inevitable because regardless of how much you put into retaining them in your company, not all of them will stay. Although it is a hard to accept an indispensable employee’s resignation, there are always two sides to the coin. Do not take it as a loss, but an opportunity to learn more about why the employee is leaving and how it may be related to the company. The session for questioning the employee is called an exit interview. The interview should contain the following essential questions to add value to the strategy used by the company to manage its employees:

Why have you chosen to leave this company? – This question s important because as the employer, you need to know why your employee decided to leave. Majority of the time, it is because of sudden major life events, change in a career path or full-time caring for children among many other reasons. Sometimes it could be that the employee was displeased with the governing of your company. By finding this out, you can make changes to address those concerns.

What did you like about working here? – Find out what your employee liked while working with you. It helps one understand the investments that are positively influencing the company through its employees.

What didn’t you like about working here? – By identifying what demotivated this employee, you can revise that area of management. It could be working overtime or being overburdened due to a shortage of staff. It could also be discomfort from other employees. Assess the matter and correct it to better the other employees’ experience.

Do you think you were supplied adequately with the necessary tools for efficient working in your department? – Through this query, you will know whether your workers are being strained due to lack of materials for the job. With the notes from this exit interview, you can revisit the work tools supply department.

Is there anything we can do to boost the employee’s work drive? – This question helps to know in general the areas the employee would like made better. Keep the notes from this interview and edit any faults in the management system to improve employee morale and productivity.