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Cultivar Work Immigration Solution

At Cultivar, our Work Immigration Solution offers companies who move employees to Singapore (and upcoming Malaysia) a total peace of mind, as we bring convenience and knowledge for both yourself and your employee. 

Our team of experienced Immigration Consultants (ICs) process your employee’s work passes such as Employment Pass, S Pass, Work Permit and Dependent Passes, with 100% accuracy and on a timely manner, so as to provide you with a peace of mind. 

Most vendors out there ends their obligation right after issuing a pass. At Cultivar, we follow each of the passes closely through till its expiry or cancellation. During this time, any issue that surfaces, whether unexpectedly or otherwise, will be taken care of by your dedicated ICs. At the end of the pass validity, we will also take care of the Tax Clearance to ensure full tax compliance. 

Best of all, our rates are made affordable – so that you have more budget for the important matters. 

For more details, contact our Work Immigration division today to find out more. 

About Us

Compensation & Benefit
Discuss with us what benefits and compensation you’d like to provide to your employees and we will give the best suggestion that benefits both your employees and your company.

Performance Management and Goal Setting
Design a plan to measure the performance of your employees and how to set goals for them to achieve their targets to improve on their skill sets.


Compensation and benefits for companies SMEs in SingaporeCultivar Work Immigration Solution fulfills an employer’s obligation in securing work visas in Singapore (and upcoming Malaysia), in a hassle-free and reliable manner.

We work closely with our clients and the pass-issuing government bodies, such as Ministry of Manpower (MOM) or Immigration & Checkpoint Authority (ICA). Managed by a team of experienced Immigration Consultants (ICs), our Singapore office handles all work immigration matters, and passes such as Employment Pass, Work Permit, S Pass, Dependent Pass, Entrepreneurship Pass and Personalized Employment Pass.

With our expertise in local work visas and knowledge through our daily interaction with the pass-issuing bodies, we’ve helped both regional and multi-national companies transform their operations by implementing strategies and navigate through the complex procedures.

Trusted by Local and Regional Companies

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Cultivar is the trusted local partner for many MNCs and local companies with foreign manpower, across key verticals which include manufacturing, IT, healthcare, financial services, pharmaceutical, engineering and more.

Work Visa Category

Our Work Immigration Solution offers various work visas processing for the following category:

  • Employment Pass
  • S Pass
  • Work Permit
  • Work Permit (for Performing Artists)
  • Personalized Employment Pass
  • Dependent Pass
  • EntrePass
  • Long Term Visit Pass (for eligible S Pass or EP holders only)
  • Letter of Consent (for DP/LTVP/LTVP+ holders to work in Singapore)
  • Work Pass Exempt Activities (if you’re in Singapore for to attend training, workshops, exhibition, filming, singing, e.t.c. for up to 90 days per calendar year).

To value-add to our main services, our team also provides expatriate services in Singapore and Malaysia as follow:

  • Accommodation (long-term rental)
  • Private vehicle leasing
  • Health and Medical Insurance arrangement
  • Flight ticket arrangement and Airport transfer service
  • Kids’ Education Coordination
  • Cultural orientation

Together, we ensure your employees are secured and well-taken care of.

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